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All About Golf

Introduction to Nakusp Centennial Golf Club & Nakusp

Opening Hours

When we are Open to Golf!


Become a Member of Nakusp Golf Club

Our Story

How did Nakusp get a Golf Course? 

The Course

9 Holes of information

The Driving Range

Almost 300 Yards to practice your swing!

The Golf Club

What does the Nakusp Centennial Golf Course Offer?

The Golf Shop

Lessons, Membership, Rates, Rentals, Clothing, Equipment and all the Pricing


Golfing Lessons

Golf Membership

Membership Costs


9 Hole & 18 Hole Rates


What can I rent?


Premium Golf Clothing for sale


Golf Equipment for sale

Member Club

Access to Members Only Club and ling to becoming a Member

Members Only Club

Golf Member Access Only

Members Only Photo Club

Photos from years gone by that only you should know about!

Fairway Cafe

Spectacular Views, Thirst Quenching Drinks & Delicious Dishes


Events that have happened and will happen

Photo Club

Photos from years gone by

Nakusp & Area

Highlighting Nakusp, our Sponsors and a link to Nakusp web site for accommodations, restaurants and much more

Golf Circuit

Want a Golfing Experience from the Whole Area?

Contact Us

Please do anytime!

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